Samban Quen Statue

Icon of Bengkulu City

Long Beach

Jogging & Cycling Track



Soekarno House

The first to-be Indonesian president was exiled to Bengkulu by the Dutch on 1930’s.

Fatmawati House

The old house of Soekarno’s wife. .



Fort Marlborough

The building is built on the beginning of 19th century and it is the second biggest fortress built by British’s EIC in Asia

Thomas Parr Monument,

It is built in memory of Thomas Parr



Sunset View at Long Beach Traditional Fishng Boats


Souvenir Market – Anggut Village,

located near Sokarno’s house. This is not only a market that sells typical Bengkulu souvenirs, but more hip things that are trendy and popular in Indonesia

Old Town

Located near Fort Marlborough